And All That Jazz

Ad for October 1999

Colin Moore’s Wylie Wabbit is Kwazy. And Colin is crazy about racing his Wabbit.

In last month's Jazz Cup, Kwazy scored big. Starting in the main Bay at the starting line set by South Beach Yacht Club and finishing just off Benicia Yacht Club, Kwazy beat 78 competitors over 24 ½ miles of fluky winds and adverse current.

Wabbit sails are the key to boat speed on such a sensitive, adjustable rig. And Kwazy's Pineapple main adjusts from full for power to flat to depower; her Pineapple spinnaker is designed to sail high on a reach, yet stand wide for a run.

At Pineapple Sails we take the time to make the sails that match your boat and your sailing needs. On that note, we'd like to suggest you give us a call to talk about the sails to jazz up your boat: Pineapple Sails.


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