Fast Forward

Ad for July 1999

In a tale from Greek mythology, the gods allow Orpheus to rescue his love Eurydice from the underworld, provided he leads her out without looking back.  He fails -- and the message is clear: don’t look back.

Ken and Robin O’Donnell plan to go cruising some day; to head out the Gate and not look back. In the meantime they are racing their Catalina 30, Eurydice, placing first in the spring half of ODCA’s 1999 season.

It’s no myth that racing has sharpened their sailing skills.  And it’s no myth that they race to win.  So when the need for speed became clear, they turned to Pineapple Sails for the fastest sails and unequaled support.

Call us at Pineapple Sails for sails and service that a are truly legendary. 

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