Mikey Likes It

photo: Mariah's Eyes (510) 864-1144
Ad for September 1998

The 1998 Santana 22 Nationals drew twenty boats to Corinthian Yacht Club for three days of breezy racing in July.

Mikey Murison, at nineteen literally the new kid on the block, finished first in four of the five races to make Mizzen this year's champion. While Mikey may be new to the fleet, his crew was not! His dad, Tim, had owned a Santana years ago. And Jim Wondolleck grew up sailing his dad's 1966 Santana, Tempest.

Mikey had just bought a new set of Pineapple Sails for his "new" boat. And our years of experience developing and building fast sails gave him the speed he needed to start in front and stay in front.

Mikey and Jim and the 20 boat nationals fleet, are testimony to the endurance of the Santana 22.

And the sails on Mizzen are a testimony to our commitment to quality and performance.

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