Numero Uno!

photo: Mariah's Eyes (510) 864-1144
Ad for October 1998

Whether it's highly competitive one-design racing or crossing the Bay with his family, Steve Wonner enjoys sailing - pure and simple. And Uno, his cat rigged Wyliecat 30, is just that.

In last month's NOOD regatta, with only one sail to trim, and none to change, Steve and his crew focused on boat speed and the tactics. And their expert trim and tactics paid off. Uno became the first Wyliecat class champion, in tight competition in the newly formed seven-boat fleet.

Cat boats rigs and unstayed masts make for a simple sailplan. But while the rig is simple, the mainsail is not. The freestanding carbon mast tapers toward the top, bending and spilling the wind as the breeze builds, effec-tively depowering the sail -- a sail shaped to respond to those changes in the mast.

Uno's Pineapple Sail is just one more example of our commitment to sail development: designing and building the right sail for the job. The simple cat rig dictates a complex mainsail.

And as Steve points out, "with only one sail, it had better be the right one!"

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