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Ad for October 1995

Sabra, Michael Katz' cat-rigged Wylie 39, is a familiar sight around San Francisco Bay. Because Sabra's mainsail is not just the main sail but her entire sail inventory, weekends and weekdays, on his days off and after work, Michael simply pulls off the sail cover, tugs on the halyard and he's sailing.

Pineapple Sails designed and built Sabra's mainsail with versatility and longevity in mind -- a mainsail that has been proven fast and durable.

This past summer, in addition to hours and hours of pleasant cruising, Sabra won her division in Encinal Yacht Club's Santa Barbara Race, her crew of four looking happy and rested as they docked at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. And Sabra won her division in the "Gracie and George," a popular double-handed race skippered exclusively by women. Sandra Bushmaker, who owns a Pineapple powered catboat of her own, was "Gracie" to Michael's "George."

You'll soon be seeing Sabra's new main sailing around the Bay -- and Michael with a Cheshire Cat grin!



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