The Sweet Taste of Victory

Ad for June 1995

Mystical Creampuffs is John and Connie Linneman's Beneteau 45f5 and owes her curious name to a delightful childrens story in which a scarecrow discovers the pleasure of sweets when his friends stuff him full of such rich confections as cream puffs and chocolate eclairs. These mythical pastries are all he needs for contentment and enduring optimism.

Mystical Creampuffs won Division B in last month's Newport to Ensenada Race, serving her 24 competitors (and 24 of the 26 boats in Division A!) their just deserts. With a new Kevlar genoa, designed to be light and powerful for the Southern California and South-of-the-Boarder conditions, and a full inventory of spinnakers, all from Pineapple Sails, she swept down the coast to finish over an hour infront of the second-place boat.

Treat yourself to the pleasure of fast, well-made sails. And the taste of Pineapple Power!


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