New Wave, Buzz Blackett's Express 27, edged out twenty-five other Expresses to place first in class in this season's Berkeley/MYCO Saturday midwinters.

The four monthly races offered up everything from light and shifty winter winds to a first rate squall. And the runoff from three months of storms only added to the complex-ity. So New Wave's inventory of Pineapple Sails was really put to the test.

In the first race Buzz started with his Kevlar class jib, while the rest of the fleet chose genoas. Even so, New Wave was first to the weather mark. The sail had often proven itself in windy conditions, but Buzz found he could power up and point high even in more moderate breezes. In the last race, when the wind shifted a full 90 degrees, Buzz put the pole to the headstay and New Wave's polyester spinnaker reached right over the competition!

The sails on New Wave are no "new wave" fad. These are sails with a winning future.

(This ad was in Latitude 38 in March and April, 1995)


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