This Goose Cooked (all the way to the finish)

photo: Chuck Sanders
Ad for July 1989

Jim and Sue Corenman enjoy racing their Nordic 40, "Wild Goose." So this spring they had the boat measured for an IMS (International Measurement System) rating and entered the Vallejo Race.

"Wild Goose" won the race overall under IMS, both to Vallejo and back.

The Nordic is a racer/cruiser. Her full complement of Pineapple Sails and state-of-the-art electronics are matched by her full complement of blender, TV, CD player and vacuum cleaner.

"Goose's" sails were built to be fast and stay fast. The Kevlar main was built in 1987 and is still winning races; the newest spinnaker was built before last year's Pacific Cup. All the sails on the boat have remained competitive, defeating much newer sails in a highly competitive fleet.


If you're ready to race and cruise to the front of your fleet, give us a call or stop by (to gander?). We can help put you there and keep you there: with sails that start fast and stay that way.

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