Oaxaca: The Fastest Santa Cruz 50

Ad for July 1981

Joe Burgin likes to go fishing but he didn't have a boat, so he went to talk to brother Larry who had a 48' sail boat. Maybe together they could get a bigger boat.

Larry Burgin is not new to ocean racing and with the 48' Nalu IV he is routinely represented in the racing circuit, or he was until Joe got his attention.

Eventually they got the whole family involved and bought Oaxaca, a Santa Cruz 50.

The Oaxaca project is deliberate. There is little left to chance, and the boat is continually being refined. Responsibilities are delegated to qualified crew members, and overall progress is orchestrated by the very capable Skip Allan.

To ensure their competitive edge, sails were bought from Pineapple Sails.


They knew of the impressive reputation which Pineapple Sails has earned over the years, and they figured that the sails would be designed and built with more care, that the follow up service would be more comprehensive, and that Oaxaca would win more races as a result.

To date Oaxaca has compiled an enviable record:

  • Puerta Vallarta Race: Third to Finish behind '84 'Christine' and 62' 'Ragtime' (62' before adding transom scoops), Third Overall, and First of the four Santa Cruz 50's, and an impressive 18 hours ahead of the next Fifty, gaining 10 miles a day on other boats.
  • M.B.Y.R.A. Natural Bridges Race (29 Starters): First to Finish, First Overall, beating the next Santa Cruz 50 by 10 minutes.
  • Santa Cruz 50 Spring Championships (4 entries): First Overall, while compiling a 2,1,1,1 record for the series, sailing her way out of some impossible situations to show who is the Champion.
  • M.B.Y.R.A. Santa Cruz to Monterey (30 Starters, 30 Miles): First to Finish, completing the race in just 3 hours, 20 minutes ahead of the next Santa Cruz 50 - and just ahead of the committee.

Oaxaca is impressive. Her outstanding performance is achieved through the methodical execution of a thorough and comprehensive effort which the Burgin family has put together. Oaxaca has yet to be beaten by 'Octavia' and 'Chasch Mer,' two other well sailed Santa Cruz 50's.

Pineapple Sails is proud to be part of the superb effort put forth by the Burgin family.

Oh yes, Joe almost landed a big one; while crossing the fleet on starboard just after the start he hooked a 38 footer, but the line broke.

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