Virtue is a Patient Lady

Ad for February 1981

Patient Lady, Paul Fuge's Ranger 29, didn't want to be second best. She was anything but patient.

Paul would regularly buy things for her wardrobe and on Sundays she would step out proudly wearing her new threads. Paul's Lady was special to him and he gave her the very best sails available. She was admired by the sailing folks around Monterey Bay and there were many who would make an effort to keep up with her.

When it seemed like Lady was going to run out of patience altogether, Paul have her one of the very first mylar genoas in all of Monterey Bay.

That was the undoing of Lady's Patience. She was not to be restrained any longer. From that day on she was number one. With her Pineapple Mylar Genoa, she had no match. Patient Lady won the Monterey Bay Championship. Paul's thoughtfulness had made Patient Lady into an Impatient Tiger.

Paul Fuge felt that the single greatest contribution to Lady's startling success was the new mylar genoa.

And we attribute our success in the highly competitive world of sailing to people like Paul Fuge; to sailors who know that it takes a top effort to win in top competition, and who recognize that the individual help they can receive from Richards and vanHeeckeren cannot be matched by any other sail loft; they are sailors who are confident in our ability to design and build durable, high-performance sails and who know that we stand behind our sails with service which is not matched in the industry.

Come by for a cup of coffee and for a look at real sailmaking in action.

Congratulations to Paul Fuge and his Not-So-Patient Lady.

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