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Ad for Feb 2004

John and Shirley Young like to cook spicy dishes.

So when it came time to name their Olson 25, Cayenne seemed the perfect choice. And Cayenne is one hot boat! John is the racing sailor in the family. And sailing in the Benicia Yacht Club series he was second in 2001, second again in 2002 and first in his class in 2003. His main is a Pineapple sail. His jib is a Pineapple sail. His genoa is a Pineapple sail. And his spinnaker is too.

Benicia Yacht Club is changing Cayenne's handicap rating for 2004: you win, you get a 3-second-per-mile penalty. And John is thrilled.

So are we. Pineapple Sails. Three seconds faster. No problem.

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