One Humming Bird

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While on a visit to the Bay Area in 1992, Geoff Ashton was walking the docks in Sausalito, stumbled upon Bird Boat Row and fell in love with the unique 70-year-old Bay Area classic.  He decided that one day he would move here and race a Bird Boat on San Francisco Bay. 

Eight years later he joined a Bay Area engineering firm, married his wife, Miriam, and found Hummingbird languishing in the Delta in a sad state of disrepair.

In Geoff's program to recommission the boat, the first priority was making the hull structurally sound, then adding the deck gear and running rigging, all done by Geoff, Miriam, Geoff's dad and the crew.

Hummingbird has new frames, new stem, new keel, new rigging...

And a full set of new Pineapple Sails, which, according to Geoff, has Hummingbird pointing "like no other."   He is solidly in first place this season.

You can get your boat humming... the first step is to buy Pineapple Sails.


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