A Note of Gratitude

Ad for March 2002

We don't usually write about our own boat.  But Frog in French, Express 27 hull #4, is now 21 years old.  We have had great success racing her in and around San Francisco Bay, down the coast of California and in the mountain lakes of Colorado.  This winter we shared the Berkeley Midwinter's race course with 24 other Express 27's.  Although we won the series, that is not the important thing.

The Express 27 was designed by Carl Schumacher.  In it he combined a shape, a structure, and a personality that has made it possible for those of us who sail his boat to appreciate just how many things one boat can do.  One has only to steer it to realize this is a very special boat.  The Express 27 remains a success today and will for decades to come. It is one of many fine examples of the legacy Carl has given to the sailing world.

His untimely death last month means a great loss to the sailing community.

Carl, we thank you.
Kame and Sally Richards

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