A (Mid) Winters Tale

photo:  Mariah's Eyes 510-521-1196
Ad for April 2002

This past winter sailboat racers had it all:  windy days and light, cold days and warm, rainy days and dry.

The Antrim 27 sport boat fleet designed their own winter series, the Antrim Winter Cup, adding October’s Great Pumpkin Regatta and last month’s Big Daddy Regatta to the four monthly races of the Berkeley Midwinters.

The series was won by Always Friday - John, Ellen and David Liebenberg’s Antrim - fully powered by two-year-old Pineapple Sails.

The Antrim class was also won by a Pineapple Powered boat in Encinal Yacht Club's Jack Frost Series - Laraine McKinnon and Steve Rienhart's Cascade.

Sport boats demand expert sail development.  All boats deserve it.  Pineapple Sails is committed to it.  Give us a call.


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