This Old Boat

photo:  John Dorothea
Ad for June 2001

Dana Smith's Columbia Challenger Libertine is a classic - a "plastic classic."   At thirty-five years old, she won prettiest boat at the Plastic Classic competition.  And you'd think she was built yesterday.

But Dana didn't restore Libertine to win beauty pageants.  Dana is bent on winning sailboat races in his Stockton Sailing Club series.  Last year he finished in fifth place .  This year, with a full set of new Pineapple Sails, he's in first place. He describes the main and jib as "fabulous" and the new spinnaker as "awesome."

In the first race of the season he beat the second place boat by 29 minutes. 

And Libertine can now skip the last two races of the spring series and still finish first.

According to Dana, the boat belongs to his daughter, twelve-year-old Tara, an up-and-coming racer in her own right.  But the power behind Libertine is Pineapple Power - power that has put "that old boat" in front.

Give us a call.  Whether your boat is old or brand spanking new, we'll build you fabulous sails, provide awesome service and make sure you are just as happy as Dana Smith.

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