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photo:  Latitude 38
Ad for November 2000

Liz Baylis and Todd Hedin did not name E.T. - their Antrim 27 -  after a homesick extra terrestrial.  Nor does E.T. stand for Elizabeth and Todd. E.T. is a display of a parent's appreciation: it is short for Eric's Tuition.

Skillfully sailed by just Liz, Todd and Jim Antrim, the boat's designer, E.T. won division D in this year's Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Racing a 27-foot sport boat with a crew of three across 2000 mile of open ocean presents some special demands – of the people, the boat and the sails – and provides some extra thrills.  The asymmetric spinnakers especially must be fast, but also easily trimmed and well behaved.  

It was the full-sized Pineapple sail that sped the Antrim over the most miles per day. And the smaller, flatter Pineapple reacher that was the sail of choice when the wind came up, allowing two crew to sleep with only a driver on deck.

Liz and Todd understand the importance of quality sails.  Sails that are Extra Terrific!  Pineapple Sails!

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