It is not every day we are asked to build a sail like this!  Here are several photos showing the sail under construction and sailing.  The luff is 62.5 feet, and the foot is 31.83 feet.

That is a lot of Kevlar!  Synthia Petroka prepares Kevlar straps to reinforce the leech.

Don Teakell (right) and Alex Buddington (left) connect the tack and cunningham reinforcement.  Alex is kneeling on the window which makes up a large percentage of the foot of the sail.  The head is up and to the left, while the clew is down and to the left.

Doing the "sail-walk" to get the brand new sail out to the boat.  The rain did not dampen anybody's spirits.

This is the completed sail, first time out of the bag...well, no bag...the sail was delivered with the full length battens installed.  The sail bag would have been 32 feet long!

The window is Kevlar reinforced monofilm. The Kevlar straps going across the window connect the clew ring to the luff sliders to reduce the load on the window material.  Kneeling at the mast is the boat's designer, Tom Wylie.


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